Returning Score (2021)

This performance forms part of my research into the practice of ‘self-choreography’, a processual discipline of choreographing within and through … More

image of dancer on the floor

to return (2022-2024)

A collaboration between dance-makers Marguerite Galizia and Amy Voris to return is a 3-year collaboration between contemporary dance-makers Marguerite Galizia … More

Mirror (2020)

This short study was created during the Covid-19 lockdown. Reflecting on my own isolation and need to reach out and … More

Hands (2017 & 2019)

‘Hands’ is a short dance film that can also be performed live with real-time projection. The work explores dialogue and … More

Total Relaxation (2015/2016)

Total Relaxation is a collaboration between myself and sound artist Tom Richards. The starting point was to make analogue sound devices (mainly … More

Where am I? (2014)

Inspired by Daniel Dennett’s philosophical experiment, Where am I? features a ‘speaking space’ created by the composer/coder Simon Katan that’s … More

Frames (2013)

A series of ideas around Framing explored during a one week residency at LICA in Lancaster with video artist Marina … More

This is a Square / Strange Loop (2012)

‘Strange Loop’ resulted from research carried out as a bursary artist at DanceDigital. It was supported by DanceDigital, Arts Council … More