This is a Square / Strange Loop (2012)

‘Strange Loop’ resulted from research carried out as a bursary artist at DanceDigital. It was supported by DanceDigital, Arts Council England and a number of Individuals who contributed to the project through the crowd funding platform WeDidThis. ‘Strange Loop’ uses live video projection in performance. The work was inspired by MC Escher’s Impossible Buildings. The […]

Frames (2013)

A series of ideas around Framing explored during a one week residency at LICA in Lancaster with video artist Marina Tsartsara. This is documentation of work in progress, looking at the idea of framing, perspective and illusion. The project was funded by dancedigital and the Arts Council England and received further support through Chisenhale’s Refine […]

Where am I? (2014)

Inspired by Daniel Dennett’s philosophical experiment, Where am I? features a ‘speaking space’ created by the composer/coder Simon Katan that’s occupied/triggered by the dancer/performer Dan Watson. The work was developed in collaboration with Simon Katan (code and sound) and inspired by Daniel Dennett’s philosophical musings on the location of consciousness. The text is an adaptation […]

Total Relaxation (2015/2016)

Total Relaxation is a collaboration between myself and sound artist Tom Richards. The starting point was to make analogue sound devices (mainly turntables) react to (or interact with) the movement of a live performer.The project began in summer 2015 with an initial period of research at Choreodrome supported by The Place. We then carried out a further R&D period […]

Hands (2017 & 2019)

‘Hands’ is a short dance film that can also be performed live with real-time projection. The work explores dialogue and form through hand gestures that reach, curve, invite and retreat. Hands is a soliloquy about loneliness and longing, drawn out through a dialogue between the artist’s right and left hands. The work developed from my […]

Mirror (2020)

This short study was created during the Covid-19 lockdown. Reflecting on my own isolation and need to reach out and touch the world, I began created this duets with a Mirror, based on research carried out at Clarence Mews in 2017. I was initially drawn to the way the mirror created an external ‘partner’, with […]