Marguerite Galizia is a London based dance artist/ choreographer, creating movement based performance works.

My work reflects a longstanding obsession with space: framed, fragmented, continuous, and discontinuous. I use real spaces, (frames, doorways, windows), and virtual spaces (projections, mirrors) to frame and fragment the body. Circularity and strangeness are recurring themes.

Technology is another interest. I work with digital tools (motion tracking, depth cameras, projectors) as well as analogue ones (floor-tape, frames, mirrors). I devise movement through my interaction with these tools, deeply integrating the technology into my compositional process. The intimacy and nuance required by this approach has led to my current interest in solo practice.

I create works where the performer is engaged in an interaction that is real / live. I use interactive technologies because they are mobile / unstable / likely to argue back. I subvert the natural balance of control between performer and ‘output’ by making both control each other. I let the work happen. Often the mistakes are more interesting than my intentions.


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