Where am I? …..in rehearsal

We’re back in Bedford for the final rehearsals of ‘Where am I?’ which will be premiered at dancedigital’s Mobilities Festival on the 26th April. A full performance schedule can be found here. Rachel Cherry joined us last Friday to capture the weird and wonderful process of making a dance piece about brains in vats, disembodied Dan’s and the problem of consciousness.

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‘Where am I?’ is a dancedigital commission, created by Marguerite Galizia in collaboration with Simon Katan and performed by Daniel Watson. The project was funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council England.


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“Where am I?”

A conversation between performer Dan Watson and a Talking Space developed in collaboration with Simon KatanA dancedigital commission conceived and directed by Marguerite Galizia.

Our digitally connected world increasingly places us in spaces beyond our natural reach. Where do we locate ourselves when we are able to exist in more than one space?

Inspired by Dan Dennett’s philosophical experiment, this ‘conversation’ piece attempts to illuminate the issues of body/mind dualism, personal agency and control.

Whether you engage with the deeper philosophical underpinnings of the work, or just enjoy the downright confusion that results as performer Dan Watson wrestles with the ideas and with the space itself, “Where am I?” will leave you scratching your head.

What: Performance as part of Go Live Festival

When: 27th and 28th September 2013

Where: The Giant Olive @ The Lion and Unicorn Pub Theatre, 42-44 Gaisford Street Time: 7.30pm

Other: Tickets £10-£15 use the promo code: camdendance to get £10 tickets     when booking online: