Fold R&D (2017)

‘Fold’ is a part video installation / part performance work. It uses 3 cameras relaying live video feeds projected back into the performance space.  Floor tape and wide ribbons in the space intersect with the architecture of the performance space and the framing of the three cameras, to create a fragmented collage of spatial relationships across three projections. Visual, architectural, disorientating and playful, the work’s formal elements belie its very human undertones, generating images of tenderness, sadness, rejection, desire and the denial of human contact. The fragmentation of the body creates a disjointed portrait of the artist / performer, an unarticulated urge to reconcile the layers and complexities of inter and intra-personal relationships.

Fold is still work in progress. The following videos document my process of research carried out at Yorkshire Dance in August 2017.







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