This week I headed into the studio again with my new collaborators, Daniel Watson and Simon Katan, to create the first of a two-part work looking at how we think of ourselves, ie: consciousness.

How on earth will I make a dance piece about ‘consciousness’? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out….#Iamastrangeloop

“I Am a Strange Loop” is a two part dance performance / installation production. It involves movement, interactive digital software and live video projection. The work is inspired by Douglas Hofstadter’s book ‘I am a Strange Loop’: a reflection on the nature of consciousness.

The Speaking Space – Research to be carried out at Clarence Mews (London) and University of Bedfordshire (Bedford)

This will be constructed with a Kinect camera and purpose built software that registers movement in a designated space and draws on a bank of verbal cues by which it ‘responds’. The set up has parallels with dualistic attitudes towards mind and body, where the speaking space appears to be the brain, and the live performer its body. We’ll be playing with the boundaries between describing and instructing, so that it becomes less clear whether the dancer is controlling the space or being controlled by the space. We hope the resulting loop will tie us up in knots.  

I am here – Research to be carried out at LICA(Lancaster)  and Jerwood Space (London)

A continuation of work carried out at live@LICA in 2012, this piece will use real-time video processing software to create a visual feedback loop: overlapping live movement with the projected movement. My aim is to extend the ‘loop’ to involve the viewer in a recursive structure. The outcome will be a performance installation that plays with the viewer’s sense of space and perspective.

My collaborators are Daniel Watson (Dancer), Simon Katan (Artist, Coder and composer) and Marina Tsartsara (Dance and Video Artist).

The research is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, by dancedigital through the Associate Artists Scheme and through space in-kind support from Clarence Mews, Jerwood Space and live@LICA.

Sharings / Performances:

Sunday 11th August 8pm – Clarence Mews Hackney: Informal sharing of work in progress for a small audience of artists and friends.Thursday 29th August – Chipping Ongar: Performance of work and discussion with fellow dancedigital associate artists. Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September – Lion and Unicorn Pub, Kentish Town: Performance as part of Donald Hutera’s Go Live dance and performance platform.

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