Call for Solo Performer/ Dancer / Collaborator

Over Summer 2013 I will be carrying out a new research and development project, supported by DanceDigital, live@LICA and the Arts Council England. I’m looking for a dancer to help me develop the work which will be performed in April 2014.

I’m looking for a strong performer with a mature attitude and an interest in exploring interactive designs in performance. The role involves some speaking and will probably be a bit of a brain workout (I speak from experience). The working process will be a challenging one for me, so I need to work with a confident and supportive collaborator who is responsive to the work and doesn’t mind trying different things out, even if they lead to nothing.

The project will take place in August / September 2013 and will involve residencies in Bedford and Lancaster as well as two weeks of work in London.

If you are interested… or if you know anyone who may be… or if you’d like to recommend someone who might be good for the role, please get in touch via email. A brief biog would be helpful. I will hold a workshop for a few dancers date tbc.

email to:

Thank You!

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