Impossible Spaces – a digital dance research project


During 2011 I will be working on a digital dance work as a bursary artist at Dance Digital, Essex. My aim for this project is to develop an interactive performance / installation, that explores the notion of “Impossible Spaces”.

Inspired by M.C. Escher’s impossible buildings, the Impossible Space will use the two dimensionality of the projected image to extend the real space and bring about relationships that would not be possible in a 3-D environment. The projected image will show an aspect of the real space, put into a configuration that reacts differently to the ways we expect. The main technical challenge will be working out how to make this set up interactive, so that the environment changes with the movement in the space. Artistically I face the challenge of bringing to life the self-reflexive situation, bending the logic of space through the intersection of different planes, like a Möbius strip that folds back on itself. Escher is a key influence, however so are the works of the visual artist Dan Graham, such as Present, Continuous, Past(s) (1974) which uses mirrors and live video relay on a short delay to bring about an interaction between the viewer in the present and immediate past.

The process will be documented on the dedicated blog page of Dance Digital which can be accessed on the following link:

Impossible Spaces is made possible through a Dance Digital Artist Bursary and is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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