Upcoming Projects

TV Solo

This solo work started off as a research concept during a residency at Clarence Mews in August 2010. Having scraped the surface of the notion of indeterminacy I took my first steps towards developing a solo that involved some degree of indeterminacy within its structure. More details of the work will be coming soon. I am aiming to perform the work informally at some point in October – November 2010.

Impossible Spaces

I am very excited to announce that I have been offered a bursary from Dance Digital in Essex, to develop an interactive performance / installation on the notion of “Impossible Spaces”. Inspired by M.C. Escher’s impossible buildings, an “impossible space” is one that does not add up. It makes use of recognisable elements put into a configuration that reacts differently to the ways we expect.  My interest is in identifying how we navigate and re-orient ourselves in a space that is both recognisable and different.

I am really looking forward to this exciting opportunity to develop my work with projection in performance. The project will start in November 2010 and run till the end of May 2011, with performances towards the end of the research phase. I intend to keep a running log of this project on my blog page, so watch this space for further details!

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