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a research piece that explored the relationship between real and virtual space through an integration of projection on a live relay loop with live performance. Placing a camera and live projection within a performance space resulted in a multiplication of spaces and time frames, and a fragmentation of experience

Whilst maintaining a fairly simple use of effects, small adjustments were used in order to create differences which facilitated an interplay between the live and projected movement. Continuing my own artistic practice, TriAd displayed an interest in the geometry of the space brought about by the material and immaterial lines and patterns generated by the different elements of the work. Whilst my initial aim was to integrate the two spaces, I became interested in the decidedly A-centred nature of the piece, where the layers were never fully reconciled to each other. The incorporation of camera, lights and projector within the stage set created an interest in the operational space and a consideration of the role and positioning of operators within the piece.

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