image of dancer on the floor

to return (2022-2024)

A collaboration between dance-makers Marguerite Galizia and Amy Voris

image of dancer on the floor
photo by Christian Kipp

to return is a 3-year collaboration between contemporary dance-makers Marguerite Galizia and Amy Voris leading to the co-creation of two solo works, developed out of the intersections and cross-pollinations between our distinct movement practices.   

We draw on somatic awareness techniques, including the Authentic Movement framework of mover-witness, to sensitise our movement and to support the co-creation of movement material. We then return to such movement material again and again, in each other’s company (sometimes remotely, sometimes in real life), sensitised to each other and to the immediate environment/place/context, leading to a processual development, refinement and composition of two concurrent solos. 

This work has been funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council England, with generous support from De Montfort University.

Further details of the work and documentation can be found on the project website:

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