My interest in movement comes from my dance background. Having danced from a young age I moved to London to train professionally at London Studio Centre and London Contemporary Dance School, graduating with a BA(Hons) degree in Contemporary Dance. I also did a Masters Degree in Choreography in 2010 and now run a busy teaching schedule alongside my professional dance work. I have been teaching Pilates Matwork since February 2007. My teacher training was accredited by The Pilates Foundation in association with The Place Artist Development. I was lucky enough to learn from three of the most experienced Pilates teachers in London: Suzanne Lahusen, Sonia Noonan and Hanna Jones. I later completed my equipment apprenticeship with Dominique Jansen at Pilates Off The Square in 2015. I am a member of the Pilates Foundation and the Pilates Professionals Group.

My teaching is strongly influenced by my own ongoing training in somatic movement practices, including Feldenkrais, Yoga and Skinner Releasing. An eye for detail and a genuine love for movement combine into the rich, detailed approach that characterises my teaching.

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